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Review - Watcher Rambling

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Previous Entry Review Mar. 4th, 2004 @ 05:22 pm Next Entry

So I know this episode was suppose to upset the viewers. But instead of begin upset, it just left me in a "what?" state. It mainly has to do with Illyria/Fred & the soul, which I'll get to in a minute.

Did anyone see the giant picture of Wesley on Fred's mirror? Also I saw a Lorne one on the bottom right corner... I couldn't make out any others.

Angel/Spike - I see a similarity between them and Angel/Connor. They're really do play off each other well, I like their intereaction. So Spike couldn't smell anything when he was near Illyria? Odd. And Creepy.

Lorne - Where did you go? To Drink? Or maybe you went back to Lindsey's and smack the bitch (Eve) up some more? I hope that was it, but I don't think it was.

Harmony - Oh, I already love you. But you keep winning my heart. Being all "can I torture Knox?" and then comforting Wesley with Fred's love. Then bonus with the comforting of Gunn at the hospital, it mimiced Fred going to Wesley in Season 3. Okay so I want you partying with Lorne, but go, be at the hospital and comfort Gunn... I mean where is Gwen when when you need her?

Speaking of Gwen, when Illyria did the "Memory Oh Fred" she shocked her fingures... I immediately though about Gwen and missed the repeat of "Wesley, why can't I stay." So I had to rewind my tape.

Knox - You slimy little bastard! You so deserved to die, the only bad thing is that it wasn't a slow and painful death like Fred's. Bastard. And evil since you were 11? Never trust prepubesent boys. Oh, and you said you loved Fred (Not, Ha) then why would you let her "soul be consumed by fire?" Moron. Probably because it wasn't.

Dr. Evil - Go away. Like I trust you on the "consumed by fire" either. First rule of Evil, they Lie! Hello, didn't we already meet the "Prince of Lies." Obviously Dr. Evil/Knox/Illyria don't want the Fang Gang of Morally Challanged Men to bring Fred back... because then their evil plans fail. So my conclusion, Fred's Soul. Not. Destroyed.

Gunn - Oh Gunn, why? Man you broke me up. Having to go deal with Fred's death and knowing you are a part of the reason she died. Damn. But then you said, "I didn't think it would be us,... Fred." But what did you say? You knew it would hurt someone! Oh my, my, Gunn that is bad. I'm also glad Wesley didn't kill you. If you died then there is absolutely no chance of a Gwen/Gunn spinoff. I miss Gwen.

Wesley - My Guy. My Man. You rock. First you think it's Fred, then realizing it's not you go at Illyria's weaknesses. Go you. Then all the times you broke down because you lost your reasoning... your love... your world. Awww. But I didn't cry, because I know you'll save Fred. She's not gone and I also think you know that. Well towards the end I think you did. You'll get close to Frillyria and save Fred. That's why I think he agreed to help her, not just because she looks like his beloved. Now I'm so glad you killed Knox. Dweeb deserved it. I like how DeKnight shot back to Wesley with a smoking gun. Hot Damn. And then Wesley stabbing Gunn. It's sad, but then again he didn't kill him. He could have, but he didn't. Not that it makes it right. But it doesn't bother me either that he stabbed him, because I believe in an eye for an eye. And it's TV. Also I guess Gunn doesn't owe him for that bullet anymore.

Illyria/Fred - Oh Go Amy. Totally creepy body movements. And you proved what a great actress you are. I totally bought that you were playing a new character... till the end. When Illyria showed up in Fred's office and didn't exactly know why, it was because Fred is still in the body. Oh yes. Then the talk with Wesley while looking out the lab window... FRED. Maybe Amy slipped, but that was Fred. I did like the fight scenes, and the time stop thing. Man that better come in handy. Illyria better A.) Go back in time or B) stop time to save Wesley. And then Ma & Pa Burkle sending Fred off... to much. The episode should have ended with Frillyria and Wesley looking out the Lab Window. It would have left Suspence... for 6 WEEKS.

My big problem with the episode is the whole "soul burned up" thing or what ever. First that would be worst then death. I mean I thought Dora Mae on Carnivale had it bad, she's trapped in a hell and being raped by horny miners for Eternity. And second I don't think it happened. The "evil" ones said it, so I don't buy it. And obviously a bunch of who Fred was/is still left with in Illyria. I don't think that's happened before, so it must be a clue that Fred isn't really gone.

I did love that the remaining parts of who Fred was found it's way straight back to Wesley. Yum. But now we have 6 weeks to wait for a new episode. So I'll have to imagine what will happen in episode 17 (okay I've read the summary... but one piece of it isn't detailed and I want that detail).
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Date:March 4th, 2004 03:32 pm (UTC)
Great review, Meg. You make some really good points about the episode and the whole Fred/Illyria situation. It's definitely true that everything about the consumed soul came from the bad guys. And of course Illyria wouldn't encourage it at this point. She wants to live.

Although here's a question. Was Illyria male, female or asexual? Did they ever say? May have to watch again...
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