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Rewatching Season Five: Hellbound (spoilers up to AtS 5x16 - Shells) - Watcher Rambling

About Rewatching Season Five: Hellbound (spoilers up to AtS 5x16 - Shells)

Previous Entry Rewatching Season Five: Hellbound (spoilers up to AtS 5x16 - Shells) Mar. 11th, 2004 @ 11:05 pm Next Entry
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Date:March 17th, 2004 07:12 pm (UTC)
I've been thinking about how to respond to this for the last couple of day because once again, you've made some really brilliant observations about the show. I didn't even think about the images Pavayne gave Spike being very specific to who he is - probably because I was seriously jumping every time I saw those severed fingers. But you're right that they do all in some way have psychologically connections to what he's been through.

Which I love. That is key to why I love this show. It has the surface and the depth.

Pavayne, looking at this way, does truly seem to be a parallel to Angel, as you said. By putting him in the suspended animation, he's basically consigned him to the same sort of Hell he's in himself - eternity able to see and hear but not really being able to be part of life, both because of his vampiric side and because of the curse that keeps him from experiencing perfect happiness. He has to live with the consequences of what he did every day, and now he's visited that same type of punishment of someone else.

Which Angel does. He punishes other people the same way that he's been punished. Yet he wonders why it doesn't work so well.

And you obviously have the same sort of view as I do with couples - the ones I always tend to ship have, like you said, "complementing yet overlapping personalities." They have a connection not only through words but also through body language and traits. But of course they're not the same, and the differences make things interesting.

Exactly! I have this bit in my next review that goes into Wes/Fred some more. They're Research and Pratical Science embodied.
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