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A Hole in my Heart - Watcher Rambling

About A Hole in my Heart

Previous Entry A Hole in my Heart Feb. 28th, 2004 @ 05:38 am Next Entry
Ok. I can't stop crying because A Hole in the World.

Ok. I watched this episode 3 times today and cry every time I watched ! I can't stop crying ! This episode is so heart breaking! I'll try to make a good review !This episode start so happy and romantic and finish so deeply sad !

I love the kiss in the flames of Fred and Wesley. Like Fred says : So romantic !

Gunn singing was really funny. He messing with Wesley was kinda of cruel but funny too. I like the talk they have. Now they are friends again. This is make me happy because I miss Wes-Gunn friendship they have in season 2 . Gunn in season 04 is so boring that I hate him so much. But I like him in season 05. So far.

Angel and Spike argue about caveman and Astronauts was really funny. And for 40 minutes? Ok, boys ... like Cordelia must sayed : Get a Life !
But the point is, I agree with Fred and Spike : The caveman will win of course ! m:P

Ok. Angel and Spike in this episode was really funny. They was acting like a couple . What remembers me some scenes of Chandler and Joey from Friends. Very funny !I love when Spike says "You say , we have to start annoying other people?".

The scene when Wesley and Fred are talking was so romantic and Lorne start to sing "You are my sunshine". This song is perfect for them !!! I always loved this song, and now I love even more ! So sad when Fred start to sing "You make me happy" part all the drama of the episode beggings.

I love the scene in the hospital when Fred says to Angel "Handsome man saves me" . I aways like her saying "Handosome man saves me from the monsters" from Pylea episodes ! So cute !

Angel is a dumb. He is the only who didn't know about Wes and Fred? Even Harmony and Spike know ! How blind he is ! m:P

Owww. Lorne punches Eve ! I never sees him so violent ! But I love him for that !!! First Harmony and Now Lorne. Who is the next character to punches Eve? m:P

Wes and Fred scenes was like Romeo and Juliet. So sad... I love her called him "bookman". So cute !

Spike was so cute in this episode. Cute because he really became a close friend with Fred. So cute he says Angel he won't loose Fred. And I liked Angel mention Cordy's death.

So cute Wesley reading to Fred.So romantic and sad because she is sick.

And I never like Knox. Ok, I liked Holden from "Conversations with Dead People" of Buffy. But I never like Knox and I'm not surprised that he was evil !!! I'm very surprise that Gunn killed him. It's the second person that Gunn kill for Fred. First the Professor Saidel, and now Knox.And Gunn is part responsible for what is happening with Fred cause he makes a deal with the devil. Pretty spooky !

So beautiful Wes and Fred in bed toguether. So cute and sad when Fred screams "I'm with Him!" . So cute Wesley saying "I've loved you since I've known you. No, maybe even before." . Now I'm starting to cry again. And Fred dying in Wesley's arms. So sad ! m:((((((((

And the final scene when Illyria finally appear and says "This will do" . Very creepy !!! Oh my god !!! I can't wait to see "Shells"
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